Igo Afetus
DATE: October 4, 2017
TIME: 8:00 pm
LOCATION: Belgrade, Serbia
VENUE: Belgrade SAXperience
Belgrade SAXperience 2017 October 4, 2017

Its principal merit in my view is the varied beauty of its
accent, sometimes serious, sometimes calm, sometimes
impassioned, dreamy or melancholic, or vague, like the
weakened echo of an echo. There does not exist another
musical instrument that I know of that possesses this
strange resonance, which is situated at the edge of

Hector Berlioz


The beginning of autumn is reserved for the fourth annual Belgrade Saxperience Festival, which will offer again both classical and modern, and prove that saxophone keeps up with times. Fans of the saxophone will be able to enjoy classical, jazz, tango and modern sounds of the saxophone and DJs, in concert halls around Belgrade and at open-air events. We continued to pursue the goals that were important to us from the beginning – the presentation of saxophone, solo and in various ensembles, in different eras and in different genres. We also continue the tradition of encouraging local composers to create new pieces for saxophone. At this year’s festival, the public will able to hear for the first time new works by Ana Gnjatović and Ognjen Popovic.


We are especially delighted to introduce the famous foreign and local saxophonists to the audience outside Belgrade, that is in Novi Pazar, Kraljevo, Pirot, Leskovac, Sombor, Vršac and other cities throughout Serbia, within our second tour Le tour de Sax supported by the French Institute in Belgrade and Société Générale Bank Serbia.


The festival begins with the concerts of French artists, so we will hear again Baptiste Herbin, and also Hugo Affetouche – the young saxophonist who has already performed with the most popular musicians in the world. Next is the Ladies Night, featuring the young Belgian saxophone player Nele Tiebout, and afterwards the LadieSaxophone Quartet, which will bring the sound of tango to Belgrade Saxperience for the first time. Saxperience night will show saxophone in the club atmosphere, with the help of Syntheticsax and the BasSax, while the end is reserved for lovers of classical saxophone and classical music, performed by Vincent David.


The entertainment continues after the concerts at the Radisson Blue Hotel. It is also important to note that we prepared open-air concerts for our new, young audience, at different locations in the city. The program will be performed by Banda saksofonista the young local saxophonist who will reveal the instrument in a loud and cheerful style.


The guests will once again give master classes to saxophone students and teachers, wich will be open for public. In this way, they will pass some of their experience to young artists.


This year’s festival proves that from its very beginnings the saxophone is keeping up with the modern musical trends, and in its course it will explore many new directions. Our goal is to give you the opportunity to hear them at the Belgrade Saxperience Festival.

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