LOCATION: Herceg Novi, Monte Negro
VENUE: Summer Saxperience
Summer Saxperience 

International Saxophone Festival Belgrade Saxperience every year from 5th to 15th of August organizes International Summer School of Saxophone Summer Saxperience in Herceg Novi.

The Summer School aims to provide its students with a unique opportunity to learn from top saxophonists in the summer atmosphere, as well as to gather saxophone students, and thus enable them to cooperate in the future. During the ten days, the participants have individual and group lessons, as well as a rehearsals with an official accompanist with whom they perform at the final concert. After the final concert they will are officially awarded the diploma on attending the Summer School of Saxophone.


During the Summer School, The Third International Saxophone Festival, Summer Saxperience will be held, and thus, next to the Film Festival and the Guitar Art Summer Fest, it is one of the most important cultural events in Herceg Novi. Professors of the Summer School perform on the festival, and the participants have a unique opportunity to see the preparation an attend concerts of their professors.

About Herceg Novi

Herceg Novi is located between the highest mountain of the Dinara massive, Orjen (1,895 m) and the entrance to one of the most beautiful bays in the world, the Bay of Kotor. It is a meeting point and intersection of various civilizations, which left a deep mark on its current appearance. Even at the first glance, the Old Town reveals its walls with high and strong stone castles and towers.
The first in the chain of fortifications was Citadela on the seashore, whose remains still lie close to dominant fortress on the town seashore, Forte Mare.

Kanli Kula (Bloody Tower) is located on the north side of the Old Town, dates from the Ottoman period (1539). It was a prison hence its name in Turkish means “bloody tower”. For the most part preserved authentic architecture and 1966. it is was turned into a summer stage, one of the most beautiful open scenes on the entire Adriatic coast. On the main square, there are the West Tower and the Clock Tower, built in 1850 in a pseudo-Roman style.
On the hillside above Herceg Novi rises Španjola. It was built during the Ottoman rule but it was named Spanjola by the local population, because Spaniards, during their short reign (1538-1539), participated in its construction. It was completed in 1548, and it is the best preserved fortification construction on the Adriatic.
Among the valuable fortifications is certainly fortress Mamula, which was erected in the late nineteenth century at the very entrance of the Bay of Kotor, on the island of Lastavica (Swallow), by Austrian admiral Lazar Mamula.
Savina monastery complex is located in a unique ambience of Mediterranean vegetation near the seaside. It consists of two churches dedicated to the Assumption of the Virgin Mary, the monastery refectory with the Treasury and the church of St. Sava. It is a real example of the successful compound between eastern and western cultures.
There are several squares in Herceg Novi, where concerts and events are organized. One of the concerts of the saxophone festival is held on the upper square in the Old Town, the popular Belavista, where is also the beautiful Church of Sv. Archangel Michael. This building represents an extremely successful and imaginative blend of Byzantine, Romano-Gothic style and Islamic reminiscence.
The music school is located in the Old Town, on the Mićo Pavlović Square, where one of the Summer Saxperience concerts is held. Across the school is the Church of Sv. Jerome, was built in 1856. and adorns the work of one of the greatest baroque painters of Tripo Kokolje. According to archaeological research, in that area was located the palace of Tvrtko I, the founder of the city.

“Herceg Novi is a city of eternal green, sun and numerous stairs.”
Ivo Andrić

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